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Exuberant Imperfection

Scribblings and Drafts and Doodles

3 August
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Welcome! My name is Donna June Cooper and I started this blog because I am a writer of romances who is, coincidentally, writing my first novel for publication. In order to encourage myself, and others in the same situation, I thought I would set up a blog and post my progress.

In addition to posting my progress, both on an ongoing basis using a progress meter (when I find one I like!) and daily word counts (WOOT!) and writing related complaints and whining, I’ll be chiming in on all kinds of stuff that you can ignore (at your peril!). Things that come to mind – publishing, books, environmental issues, Jack Russell’s, seasonal changes, my favorite parts of the world, movies, television shows, belly dancing, and Ren Faires. But mostly writing.

Although I was born way up in the Great Lakes snow belt, I was raised in the Appalachian Mountains and then transplanted to Texas. I consider myself a child of the Appalachians, being the proud granddaughter of a Virginia coal miner. I have made my living at everything from being an ad copywriter, an IRS tax auditor, a bookstore manager, a courseware developer, a technical documentation writer, a help desk manager, a project manager, to an amateur data base analyst – and now an AUTHOR!

Any personal things about my family, friends, etc. will be filtered, so don’t worry folks, you won’t see any embarrassing personal things out in the open for the whole world to see, just friends-locked for all your friends and family to see. HA!

Almost everything on my website will either be reproduced here in some fashion or linked here if I can manage it, but feel free to go check it out.

Ah yes, and speaking of embarrassment -- why “Exuberant Imperfection”? Well, I am a perfectionist who only recently realized that this is a bad thing. I tend to check and doublecheck, polish and then polish again, over-prepare, over-research, and over-write. Perfectionists tend either not to finish at all, or to finish so slowly no one is alive for the conclusion. So ”Exuberant Imperfection” as my LJ title seemed the perfect way to remind me of my biggest weakness.

Credit for the gorgeous background header of my LiveJournal and the template for my website goes to Brian over at Template Lite. He has some fabulous, fun and very flexible stuff over there. Go check it out!